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Monday, September 29, 2008

Transforming a nice smile to a beautiful smile

We just completed a 4 unit veneers case that turned out beautiful! Kelly came to us a few months ago wanting to know her options to correct the protrusion of her upper lateral teeth. She was taking the summer off and planning to travel so she wanted to get started immediately. Kelly, along with many patients, started with whitening her teeth! She chose to do the In-Office procedure, by Zoom!, and had great results. At her next visit we shaped her 4 upper teeth for her restorations. We were able to contour some of her gum tissue by using a laser. Kelly was thrilled when she left our office. She did some traveling to different states to visit her friends and family. They couldn’t believe the transformation this made in her confidence. Since the completion of her case she has found a new love and is relocating to another state. Kelly excitedly stated “This procedure has changed my life, thank you Dr. Swearingen for your amazing work!”

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Closing an Anterior Space...

Valerie came to our office a few months ago with several concerns about her smile. She wanted to close the space between her two front teeth and to make her teeth whiter. We started Valerie off with our In-Office whitening procedure by Zoom. In one hour Valerie achieved 7 shades lighter, which she was thrilled about!
A few weeks later she came in to the office to view the models of her teeth in wax. This showed Valerie a great representation of how the teeth would look. She was able to view them and discuss any concerns she may have had with the doctor prior to any treatment being done in her mouth. Valerie was anxious to get started so within a few days we prepared her upper 12 teeth for crowns and veneers. What a life-changing day that was for Valerie. After her final porcelain restorations were placed Valerie stated that
“Dr. Swearingen’s attention to detail and willingness to listen to my preferences is exceptional. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff is unsurpassed. They all feel like family.”

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ohhhh... To Be "Daddy" again!

Dr. Swearingen and his wife, Robyn, are proud to announce they are new parents to Toby. After raising 8 children and enjoying life with 10 grandchildren, bringing a puppy into the home would be an easy task… or so they thought. Toby, a typical newborn, sleeps a lot and eats frequently. Life is great!! To the Doctors dismay a change of lifestyle has begun.
The living room is filled with chew toys, tennis balls, the lost slipper, and the missing sock that the dryer ate!! Toby, loves to put anything in his mouth such as toes, fingers, your entire arm! J Although, I believe most arms are twice as big as him.
There is no longer time to relax at home. You’ve got to be at his beckon call to rush him outside when you think it’s getting close to “The Time.” He seems to be getting better about this… but, let’s ask Doctor in the middle of winter when it’s raining outside and it’s 4:00 in the morning how much he enjoys rushing him outside?!?
He is a cute little guy! Toby is now several months old and has found comfort and warmth in the arms of his family! He’s adjusting fantastically and will be loved to no end!
Toby is a Maltipoo. So, the next time you see Doctor Swearingen make sure you congratulate him on his new addition to the Swearingen Household!

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Improving a poor PFM (Porcelian-fused-to-metal) Bridge

We have all seen bad Porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM). They stand out like a sore spot in a smile. They look too bright, frequently are misshapen, and have a dark line at the gumline. They are unpleasant to the eye, and most patients who have them are hesitant to smile.
Now-a-days, with new more cosmetic materials available, many patients are wanting to change their previously placed crown or bridge for a natural more cosmetic restoration. By replacing a PFM restoration with an all porcelain restoration we are able eliminate the bulky appearance and allow light to pass through the crown giving it a much more natural look.
One example of such a case is Gerardo. He came to us with an ill fitting PFM bridge that had all the classic signs of an unnatural restoration. By replacing the bridge in the front we were able to contour the gum tissue surrounding the “fake” tooth to create an illusion that the tooth is actually growing out of the gum. This technique is not utilized by many dentists but Dr. Swearingen has mastered it. Because of the metal substructure to Gerardo’s previously placed bridge the color was flat and unable to allow light to pass through it. By using an all porcelain bridge we were able to create a color transition and translucency giving it a very natural look. By seeing Gerardo’s after pictures you’d never know which tooth he was missing!

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