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Monday, July 21, 2008

A new "Prepless" smile...

A new kind of veneer is taking cosmetic dentistry by storm. In some situations patients that are unhappy with the shape and color of their teeth can have them permanently transformed, often without being numb!! WOW!!! What a fantastic option!!!! You may ask, “How can this be possible!?!” Well it is…we offer what’s called “prepless veneers,” which are similar to Lumineers – but better! They are a thin-shell of porcelain that is placed over your existing tooth structure. Even better news is the fact that prepless veneers can be reversible, painless, and permanent! Other prepless veneers, such as Lumineers, can look bulky and unnatural. This is why we have chosen to use Frontier Dental Lab to help fabricate all of our prepless veneers.
Jacky is a patient we recently did prepless veneers on. We met her at a seminar back in October of 2007. She was unhappy with the chipping of her front teeth, her overbite and the color. Jacky wanted to fix her smile without the removal of tooth structure. She was a perfect candidate for prepless veneers!
We started by whitening her teeth with our In Office Whitening Procedure, Zoom AP.
We reshaped a few of her teeth to give her optimal results, and took impressions! All of this was being done without anesthetic!!
Shortly thereafter we had her case back from the lab and we were able to deliver her upper 10 prepless veneers in a few short hours! Jacky left without being numb allowing her to enjoy her smile from the minute her prepless veneers were bonded on!!!
She was so pleased with how natural they looked that Jacky stated “When my daughter came to visit from abroad, I had to prompt her to look at my smile to notice the changes that had been made. My teeth are now so perfect and so natural!”


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