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Monday, June 22, 2009

Correcting Anterior Crowding

Joyce came to us with several concerns she wanted to address. She previously had root canals on her front teeth that were beginning to discolor, as well as the black triangles between her teeth. Joyce was happy with the shade of her teeth and wanted to match the veneers to her current color. We mentioned to Joyce that the ideal treatment would be to place veneers on her upper 10 teeth to correct her concerns as well as widening her buccal corridor. At this time Joyce wanted to do upper 6 teeth and then in the future the additional 4 veneers. We were able to match the shade of her teeth and close the black triangles that Joyce was concerned about. ”I love my new smile and appreciate the happy energy everyone in the office expresses.”

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Leslie came to our office because she was concerned with the decalcification on her front teeth as well as the slight space. To achieve her goals we recommended placing veneers on her front 4 teeth. Leslie began with our In-Office Whitening system by Zoom!. She was very pleased with her results and wanted to proceed quickly with her cosmetic work as she was going to be in a wedding in just a few weeks. We prepared her teeth for veneers and she wore the temporaries for a short period of time. On the day of delivering her permanent restorations Leslie was thrilled, and left with a big smile on her face. We followed through with Leslie after the wedding and she said she couldn’t stop smiling and it was a great confidence booster. “I had a wonderful experience with your office. I love my new smile!"

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